All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019

2109 is a great year for cordless battery operated mowers. They have dramatically improved in the last three years and are quickly becoming the preferred choice over gas for mowing your suburban yard. Steel Decks with washout ports, variable speed self-propelled and torque sensing brushless motors. Some brands are even using professional grade batteries that are good for over 1200 charge/discharge cycles. Even better the major brands have developed complete tools systems for your lawn & garden needs that all use the same battery.
With Ryobi Introducing the 42-inch Battery Zero-Turn and Toro introducing the Toro 60 volt Personal Pace Mower (see below) we now have complete battery systems for our yardwork that competes with any gas-powered lawn equipment on 2 acres or less suburban lawns. 
This article is going to review the best battery operated mowers for 2019. I’ll also include if the same battery used with the mower will also power good string trimmers and other yard tools. The information is taken from my own actual experience, user reviews, and from actual testing done by myself, by other websites and YouTube videos.
This list will include mowers sold at retailers I trust and also mowers only available at authorized dealers.

Bigger is not always better – Let’s level the battery playground first:

The market (manufacturers or the government) has yet to establish a standard way to list the performance of a battery. Because of that manufacturers are free to list whatever they want so you will believe their product is the best. Let’s uncomplicate the mess.

  • Higher voltage labeled on the hood of the mower does not mean it’s a better mower and will cut better!
  • Higher Amps listed on the battery does not always mean longer runtimes.
  • The Wh number in small print on the battery label is the best way but that’s not always accurate either.
  • Simply put – more watt-hours (Wh) = more “fuel” and longer run times. That can be hard to figure out without a little education. Please read the next few paragraphs to get yourself up to speed.

There are three metrics you need to know about to make an accurate decision on which battery is the best for you. Volts, Amp-hours, and Watt-hours.

Note: I’m going to use working voltage and listed Amp-hours (Ah) to determine Watt-hours (Wh). If you don’t want to read this long explanation and already understand batteries feel free to skip to the next section.  I’ll calculate Watt-hours for each mower battery. 

Higher voltage does not mean a better product! All the brands use amp-hours (Ah) consistently but many have decided to list a voltage in big bold letters on the battery instead of Ah. The marketing department wants you to think that voltage is the measure of their batteries’ performance.  But, some list voltage when the battery is fully charged, others list the battery voltage when the battery is being used, and a few just pull a number out of a hat. In reality, just listing the voltage is meaningless. You need more information to make an accurate comparison.

Fortunately for you and I, Lithium-ion cells operate a certain way. Lithium-ion batteries have more voltage when they are fully charged than they do when they are being used. Each individual cell in these multi-cell batteries has about 4 volts fully charged, 3.6 volts when you are using it and 3.2 volts when fully discharged. Your battery is made up of groups of these individual cells so a 40volt MAX battery will have 10 cells or a 60volt MAX battery will have 15 cells, etc.

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 1 So how do you tell which battery is the best? The most meaningful metric is watt (W), which is calculated as voltage (V) multiplied by the current in amperes (A): W = V x A. This combination of voltage and current, rather than a single metric alone, is a constant value that you can use to determine in the power of a cordless mower battery.

A few Examples:

  • 80 Volt Max is the same as 72 Volt. Working voltage is actually 72 volts. So a 3Ah battery gives you 216 Wh of power.
  • 60 Volt Max is the same as 56 Volt. Working voltage is actually 54 volts. So a 4Ah battery gives you 224 Wh of power.
  • 40 Volt Max is the same as 36 Volt. Working voltage is actually 36 volts. So a 6Ah battery gives you 216 Wh of power.
  • 20 Volt Max is the same as 18 Volt. Working voltage is actually 18 volts. So a 12Ah battery gives you 216 Wh of power.

Four different batteries with different voltages and amps but with everything else being equal they will all mow the same amount of lawn.

So, to help you out I’ll use working voltage and listed Amp-hours (Ah) to calculate Watt-hours (Wh) for each mower battery.

A couple more things to know.

  • About 280-325 Wh (Watt-hours) is enough battery capacity to mow about a 1/3 acre. About 405 Wh will mow your 1/2 acre lot with a house on it. If you want to mow more than that at one time you can purchase additional batteries (or buy them bundled with other tools.) Most – but not all of the mowers include a rapid charger that will charge a battery in about an hour. So, 2-3 batteries will let you mow all day.
  • Larger rear wheels make the mower easier to use. 9-11 inch is a good size.
  • A Brushless Motor gives you the best run time, the most power and last ten times longer than a brushed motor.
  • Most cordless mowers with the plastic deck will not allow you to use a garden hose to clean it. Many cordless mowers with a steel deck will let you use a garden hose and some even have a washout port.
  • Many of these mowers are part of a system where you can use the same battery for string trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. And not just residential. A few of these mowers are part of a battery system that is designed for commercial use.

The Mowers.

The first 6 mower brands are my top picks.

Please note! **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. But, please feel free to visit your local authorized dealer and purchase locally. I don’t make a commission when you do that but I don’t mind. 

1. Toro 60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless
Toro 60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless

Toro 60-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless

Toro mowers come with 60 V (54-volt working) 6.0Ah 324Wh or 7.5Ah 405Wh battery

My Choice! Self-Propelled: 22-inch Personal Pace Recycler Deck with 7.5 AH battery. Buy at The Home Depot. Good for homeowners with up to 1/2 acre lots. If you think you may want the new Toro snow thrower later this year this is the best choice. Buy this mower and buy the bare-tool snow thrower this fall. The 7.5 AH battery costs $100 more than the 6.0 AH but it will give you 33% more runtime in the snow thrower.

Self-Propelled: 22-inch Personal Pace Recycler Deck with 6.0 AH battery. Buy at The Home Depot. Good for homeowners with 1/3 acre lots.

Push: 22-inch Push Recycler Deck with 6.0 AH battery. Buy at The Home Depot. Good for homeowners who mow their lawn with a rider and just need a walk-behind for trimming (or like to push:)

  • 22 inch Cut
  • CUTTING HEIGHT 1 in. – 4 in.
  • Steel Deck with washout port
  • Mulch, Bag Side Discharge
  • Brushless Motor
  • The battery can be used in other homeowner and professional cordless tools.

Toro has taken the proven #1 selling mower platform, added the latest brushless motor tech, and the best Lithium-ion battery tech and made a mower that cuts better, bags better, mulches better, and stores in your garage better than any other cordless walk-behind mower.

  • Full 22-inch cut steel deck! I know from experience that most of you will buy a 22-inch mower over a smaller one if given the chance. This mower’s actual cutting width is a full 2 inches wider than the nearest competitor’s steel deck cordless mower.
  • Proven Toro Recycler Deck. The Recycler cutting system mulches the best and provides a healthier, better-looking lawn.
  • Brushless DC motor. Provides more power, more runtime, and longer life.
  • RunSmart battery tech. Automatically adjusts power to match cutting conditions. (like the governor on your gas walk-behind but more responsive)
  • Battery options for 1/3 and 1/2 acre lots! If your home sits on a 1/3 or 1/2 acre lot 6.0 AH and 7.5 AH battery options are available.
  • Personal Pace. The Personal Pace self-propel is the easiest to use, most reliable system in the industry. Simply stand behind the mower, grab the handle and begin walking – the Personal Pace automatically adjusts to the speed you want to walk. The Personal Pace is rear-wheel drive so you get the best traction on slopes.
  • Don’t want Personal Pace? A Push style mower is also available.
  • 11 inch rear wheels! Both the Personal Pace and push mowers use larger 11 inch rear wheels
  • Smart Stow. Save Storage Space in your garage or shed. Simply fold, lock and store upright and save up to 70% over your old gas walk-behind.
  • Bag on Demand. Like all the other Toro Recycler mowers you can easily switch to bagging if needed or bag all the time if preferred.
  • Clean with your garden hose. Has a both a Washout Port or you can flip the handles into the SmartStow position, tip the mower up and spray the bottom with your garden hose. (This is a big deal to me. The closest competitor requires that you DON’T spray the mower with water. They require you to clean the mower and under the deck with a brush!)
  • Good Value. $100 less than the competition. (Comparing the 22-inch Flex-Force Personal Pace mower with 7.5 AH to competitor’s 20-inch steel deck self-propelled with 7.5 AH battery)
  • Parts already listed on Buy parts online through or at your local Toro Dealer!
  • Economical! Buy your mower with a 6.AH or 7.5AH battery and use the battery this winter in the new Toro snow thrower!

The entire Toro Flex-Force line is available at your local dealer and The Home Depot

2. Husqvarna Battery Mower



Mowers come with two 36 volt (36-volt working) BLi20 4.0 Ah Batteries. 144Wh each for total 288Wh.

  • 20 inch
  • CUTTING HEIGHT 3/4 in. – 3 in.
  • Steel Deck
  • Mulch, Bag Side Discharge
  • Brushless Motor
  • Runs on one battery but has a compartment for two. Both compartments are powered.

The steel deck on this mower is very similar – if not exactly – like the gas-powered Husqvarna self-propelled mower you know and love. It also looks very similar to the “Pre-MTD” Craftsman that got some of the highest ratings in around 2014. Like Toro – Husqvarna has been making quality walk-behind mowers for many years. So I have no problems recommending it over most other cordless mowers made by tool and electronics companies.  This mower does not come with a large battery but Husqvarna uses one battery style for all Husqvarna battery products. The battery can be used in a wide variety of homeowner and professional cordless tools. In addition, most Husqvarna batteries charge faster than you normally use them up so two or three batteries can essentially give you all day use. Batteries are available up to 9 Ah for extended run times.  (See the complete line here: Husqvarna Battery Tools

3. EGO Cordless Mowers



Mowers come with one 56V (54-volt working) 5.0Ah 270Wh, two 5.0Ah 540Wh or one 7.5Ah 405 Wh Batteries.

  • 21 inch
  • CUTTING HEIGHT 1 3/8 in. – 3 3/4 in.
  • Steel Deck
  • Mulch, Bag Side Discharge
  • Brushless Motor
  • The battery can be used in other EGO branded homeowner cordless tools.

The mowers listed here all are highly rated by both the owners and Consumer Reports. The only negative I want to mention is they are not designed to clean with a garden hose. EGO recommend that you clean them with a dry cloth and/or brush. EGO continues to develop a line of cordless yard tools including edgers, snow throwers and even a Power Station that uses their batteries to operate USB and 110-volt products. See their complete line here: EGO at the Home Depot

4. Snapper XD 82V Max* Lawn & Garden system

Snapper cordless

Snapper cordless

Mowers come with two 80V-volt (72-volt working)  2.0Ah (144Wh x 2=288Wh)  or one 5.0Ah (360Wh)

I’m very excited about the new Snapper 82V system because they have some unique products in the line that also uses the battery. Besides the mowers, string trimmer and leaf blower they also have a hedge trimmer, snow shovel, combination sticks tools and a unique Self-Propelled Utility Cart.  I want the cart! Snapper 82V system here at The Home Depot and Amazon.
One of the better features of the 82V line is the mowers come with quick chargers. The batteries charge in one hour so you can easily mow as much as you like without running out of battery and waiting hours for them to recharge.


Snapper is running deals over on Amazon. For, example toady – 4/14/2019 the mowers are 20% off! Check the deals here: Snapper at Amazon
Note: Snapper also has a 48-volt line. The 48-volt line only includes a push mower, self-propelled mower, string, trimmer, and leaf blower. I’m not going to cover it here.
All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 2 All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 3 As a side note: I’d love to see one of the major manufacturers make a personal transporter that uses these lawn & garden batteries. (Snapper? You already have the rear axle in your yard cart. Ryobi? You have the rear axle in your rider…)

5. Ryobi Cordless Mowers


Ryobi ry40lm10

Mowers come with one 40-volt (36-volt working)  5.0Ah (180Wh), two 5.0Ah (360Wh), or one 6.0Ah (216Wh).

Note: All of these links will take you to The Home Depot
Ryobi makes both push and self-propelled models. These mowers are part of a very extensive line of 40-volt outdoor cordless tools. (Shop the collection) The new 20-inch poly deck and 21-inch steel deck are quite a step up from their previous models. For 2019 they have introduced “Smart Trek.” It’s a drive system for the self-propelled mowers that sense how fast you want to walk and automatically keeps the mower moving in front of you.
If you just need a trim mower and have Ryobi 18 volt tools they do have a push mower for you. RYOBI 16 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower Two 4.0Ah Batteries/Charger Included

6. Stihl Cordless Mower

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 4

Stihl RMA510

RMA 510 Self-Propelled Comes with 36 volt (36-volt working) 227 Wh battery (AP 300)

If you need a professional string trimmer, a professional leaf blower or already have Stihl batteries the Stihl RMA 510 is the perfect compliment to the batteries you already have. The battery also works in the KMA 130 R Kombi head – Powering up to 13 separate tools with one STIHL powerhead.
  • 21 inch
  • CUTTING HEIGHT 1 3/8 in. – 3 3/4 in.
  • Steel Deck
  • Mulch, Bag Side Discharge
  • Brushless Motor
  • Stihl has three battery styles. The battery used in this mower is the same as used in their high end residential and professional cordless tools. Part of the Pro Cordless Tool system

The rest of the cordless mowers

Note: When you are looking at articles from other sources be careful of a few things:
  • Many, many, many articles are written just to get you to buy something from Amazon. The writer probably has no expertise or experience using the mowers they recommend. Be very careful of the “top 10” or “Best” lists.
  • When reading Consumer Reports don’t use the number rating to make your pick – look at the specific area they test to find the best mower for you. For example, they tend to give the mower a poor rating if the model they tested doesn’t include a rapid charger. They also don’t test all the current models – some mowers listed may be previous year versions and the brand has improved their 2019 offerings (Snapper and Husqvarna are two examples)
  • If you just need a push mower to clean up after your riding mower it’s usually a good choice to buy one that uses the same batteries as your cordless power tools. For example, two 5 AH batteries in a DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion mower won’t last long enough to mow your 1/4 acre lawn but they have plenty of run time to do the trimming after you mow with your rider.
The rest of this list is in no particular order

Makita 18-Volt X2 LXT Brushless

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 5 The Makita 18-Volt X2 LXT Brushless Mower is a small trim mower and requires two 18-volt batteries for operation. It’s also expensive. ($348 for the bare tool) but if you have 18-volt Makita tools, just need a trimming mower, and don’t want another battery platform it may be the best choice for you. They do have a comprehensive line of commercial blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and even a powered wheelbarrow to compliment their battery line. Makita L&G at Amazon

DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 6 DeWalt has a push mower that uses the 20-Volt Max batteries you already have. It requires two batteries for operation. It’s a decent trim mower but don’t expect it to mow your entire yard on one set of 5Ah batteries. DeWalt 20-volt MAX mower at Amazon or DeWalt Outdoor tools


This is the same mower as the 20-volt except it uses one 40 volt-MAX commercial DeWalt battery. This is part of DeWalt’s commercial L&G line. It’s a decent trim mower but don’t expect it to mow your entire yard on one battery. It is not compatible with 20 volt or 60-volt MAX batteries. DeWalt 40-volt MAX at Amazon


  • All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 7 Greenworks has two lines. The 60V (54 working volts) and the 80V (72 working volts) Greenworks focuses on just lawn & garden battery powered products and have been one of the innovators of Lithium-ion power.
  • The Greenworks 60V is a homeowner line. Greenworks at Amazon
  • Greenworks Pro 80V line is larger and includes stick tools like edgers and tillers. They are also getting into commercial battery powered zero-turn and stand-on riding mowers. Greenworks Pro at Amazon


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 8 Scotts – yes the fertilizer company is adding a cordless mower line. I don’t have any experience with it. I can’t use Amazon ratings either because Scotts has decided to include ALL their manual and electric mowers into one review rating. Scotts at Amazon If you buy one let me know how it’s working out for you.

Craftsman by Stanley, Black & Decker (SBD)

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 9 SBD is focusing a lot of energy on building and promoting the new Craftsman name this year and have introduced a V60 line of tools that includes a cordless electric mower.  Initial reviews state the mower is “just another average push mower” meaning for the same price you can get one of my top five picks and have a better mower and more tools that use the same battery. They are currently being sold at Lowes and Craftsman at Amazon Store.


I love the Troy-Bilt CORE line of mowers, trimmers, and blowers but with Lowes dropping the brand and replacing it with the Craftsman Stanley, Black & Decker I can’t find the cordless products listed anywhere for sale. Note: The Home Depot is picking up a few items.

Worth Garden

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 10 Worth Garden is new to the U.S. market. It looks like the company (Shanghai Worth Garden Products Co., Ltd.) is an OEM/ODM global supplier for many of the cordless tools branded and sold by other companies and they decided to market those tools under their own label. Worth 19 inch 84-volt cordless at The Home Depot.


Consumer Reports rated the Kobalt (Lowe’s) KMP 6080-06 battery mower as the number three cordless self-propelled mower on their list…but with Lowes going “whole hog” into the Craftsman brand many of the tool bloggers are wondering if Lowes will keep this brand alive. Like Troy-Bilt, it may be just another name that gets absorbed…


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 11 WEN is a name that’s been around for quite a while and they have been making corded mowers for some time. One interesting fact about this mower. It has a 21-inch deck but only a 19.7-inch cut. It’s a cheap mower because it comes with 2 small batteries. They also sell a lightweight trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer and pruner that uses the batteries. If you just need a trim mower and a want smaller cordless tools this may be a good choice. (Includes one 4 Amp-hour battery, one 2 Amp-hour battery, 1-quick charger, and a 2-year warranty). Wen 21 in. 40-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-in-1 Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower – 16 Gal. Bag, Two Batteries/Charger Included


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 12 Many of you will be familiar with ECHO because they have a great line of semi-pro string trimmers and other yard tools. The Echo 21 In Cordless Push Mower w/Battery and Charger Model CLM-58V4AH is a good compliment to your other ECHO tools. This mower looks like it has a steel deck but it is composite. It’s 56-volt and comes with one 4Ah battery. The batteries fit their other cordless L&G tools. Echo 21 In Cordless Mower w/Battery and Charger CLM-58V4AH


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 13 Oregon has been one of the early brands to come out with cordless tools and have always had cordless lawn mowers included in their line. They have a well-round line of 40V MAX tools including a multi-tool head, area light, chainsaw, blower, pole saw, etc. They are primarily sold at dealers but ACME Tool does carry the complete line. They have the lM400 available with different battery combinations and quick or standard chargers. The Oregon LM400 is my choice

Black & Decker

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 14 Black & Decker has a dizzying array of cordless mowers. These mowers are all designed for the homeowner who wants an inexpensive cordless system and is willing to compromise a little on the battery runs times and quality of cut. Their latest system is the 60V MAX. You can check out the mower and the other products here: Black & Decker 60V MAX* POWERSWAP™ 20 IN CORDLESS MOWER


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 15 Earthwise is another small brand that focuses on inexpensive electric powered lawn & garden equipment. They are very popular on Amazon. They recently introduced a 58V line: Check it out here: Earthwise at The Home Depot and Earthwise at Amazon


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 16 Just another in the long list of cheap cordless electric mowers. Lawnmaster 19 in. 60-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Push Mower – 5.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 17 And another one: Realm 14 in. 40-Volt Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower 4.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 18 Again, just another one but with a twist. This mower has is 120v DC and comes with a 3.0Ah battery. That 330 Wh of power. As a former power company electrician, I’m a little concerned about that high of DC voltage. From a safety standpoint, 120 volts DC can reach out, grab you and not let go. Here’s the Link to Home Depot: Redback 21 in. 120-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Walk-Behind Push Mower – 3.0 Ah Battery/Charger Included


All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 19 I’m pretty sure this is the cheapest cordless mower for sale in the U.S. I won’t judge you if you buy it for your postage stamp sized lawn. PowerSmart PS76215A 14-Inch 36V Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Mower, 3Ah Battery, and Charger Included

Sun Joe

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 20 If you bought one of their 40 or 100-volt cordless snow blowers and just need a trim mower, etc. there is a model for you. Amazon: SunJoe/SnowJoe Cordless

Poulan Pro

All The Cordless Battery Walk-Behind Mowers of 2019 21 Poulan Pro has introduced a 58-volt platform that includes a 21 inch, steel deck push mower. If you have a Poulan Pro lawn tractor and want all your equipment to match the Black/Gold color scheme you can buy it here: Poulan Pro 58-Volt Cordless

In Summary

As you can see the cordless electric mower space is already crowded but at least we are now getting many quality mowers from the well-known brands we love.
Feel free to ask questions or leave remarks in the comment section below. Thanks for reading this far!


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