I Hope This Thanksgiving Finds You Surrounded By Family and Friends

I hope this holiday finds you surrounded by family and friends, making memories that will be shared  in the future at tables in places that can’t even be imagined now. I also hope, that in the course of this busy day, you’ll be able to lend a thought or two to those who are now gone but once occupied places at your table and in your heart.

Do the world a favor and stay away from the Pre-Black Friday – Thanksgiving – Door busters. Stay home and enjoy your friends and family. If enough of us stay home we may just be able to get retail to remember what Thanksgiving is all about.

If you are going somewhere for Thanksgiving be a gracious guest and: 

Ask your host if you can bring anything.

Making all that food is no joke – ask if you can bring anything like a side or maybe a pie. If you have allergies, this is your time to make something you definitely can eat.

If it’s Thanksgiving potluck, or you’ve volunteered to make something, bring your own serving bowl and utensils.

Don’t expect your host to have all the proper utensils and pretty bowls to put your food in. Either ask in advance, or bring your own stuff.  Masking tape on the bottom of the bowl with your name on it helps sort things out during cleanup.

Flag-U.S.-Canada Bring your host a small gift.

Bringing your host a small, thoughtful gift shows your thanks for all their work. While a good wine or a nice cheese is always a great idea, something more creative is always nice. I particularly love the idea of bringing something delicious the host can enjoy for breakfast the following day.

Ask the host if they need help with cooking. If they decline, stay out of the kitchen.

After you arrive and have said your hellos, ask the cook or host if they need help in the kitchen. If they decline, get out of there – there’s business to be done.

Be attentive and avoid your phone.

Being a good guest means socializing – don’t obsessively check your e-mail or Twitter. That said, you should of course take photos of what you’re eating, and who you’re with.

Don’t complain.

Repeat after me: I will NOT complain during Thanksgiving. I don’t care if the turkey is dry or the stuffing is awful, or Uncle Mike or Aunt Mary are complaining about everything.

Help with the clean-up.

This is your time to shine! Assisting with the clean-up is the best thing you can do to help your host. There are a lot of dishes to be done, so let your host tell you where to help and do your best. If there is no room in the kitchen help keep the little ones occupied while everyone else cleans up.

Remember to say “Thank You”.

It is Thanksgiving after all! Make sure to send a quick note to thank your host for putting on an amazing show.

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