Introducing the 2015 Toro SnowMaster.

Toro officially announced the new Toro SnowMaster this week. This new snow blower will significantly change how many of us perform snow removal.  This new snow blower is powerful, yet lightweight and has all the features you need to quickly remove a 2 to 10 inch snowfall. The new Toro SnowMaster will clear your driveway two to three times faster than your conventional 2 or 3 stage snow blower and can handle up to 18 inches of snow!

Toro SnowMaster While every other brand has been progressively making bigger, high output, high-capacity, high horsepower snow blowers Toro has been listening to you. This new 24 inch snow blower fills a very big gap in the 24-28 inch snow thrower market. It’s fast, it’s easy to use and it’s one-half to one-third the price of the other brands new “high output” 2 and 3 stage models.

Note: I am not writing this review on an unproven snow thrower.  We had a chance to play with the demo model last spring on 5 inches of heavy, wet snow and it really handled the snow faster than a standard two stage snow blower and better than a single stage snow thrower. This article is my opinion of the new Toro SnowMaster.

This review covers Model 36001 – 724 ZXR, Model 36002 – 724 QXE, Model 36003 – 824 QXE 24 inch Toro Snow Master Snow Throwers

I have a lot of hands-on pictures and lot more to tell you about the new SnowMaster over at Go Here to read the review and see the pictures: Toro SnowMaster Hands On

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