Italy’s Influence: Equipment Innovations Coming Your Way

We spend a lot of time mowing our lawns, tending to our hobby farms or having someone mow them for us. How we take care of our properties here in the U.S. I break down into four areas.

  • Suburban Lawns – we mow our own, raise a small garden
  • Hobby Farms – we mow a little more and raise a few animals
  • Commercial Lawns – we have someone else mow everything else as fast as it can get done
  • Farming – it takes at least 40 acres to sustain a family and 4000 + to make a living

In Europe, especially in Italy they do things a lot differently.

From RLD Editors Photo Album

From RLD Editors Photo Album

According to Lynn Woolf even though Italy is only about three quarter’s the size of California it has over 2.6 million farms.  What is even more interesting is the majority of those farms are only about 20 acres. They farm everything. Having a small meticulously kept lawn around the house and buildings is about the only area that require a mower, everything else is farmed.

They have no need for high powered zero-turn mowers or Utility Vehicles that won’t haul much.  The equipment they use tends to be simple, basic, multipurpose items that many of us can use here on our suburban and rural lifestyle properties. Want to mow that ditch? ML 60 Swing. Want a UTV that will haul stuff? Italian Farm Transporter

Lynn wrote an article on her trip to the EIMA International Show in Bologna, Italy. Read More Here: Italy’s Influence: Equipment Innovations Unveiled at EIMA International Ag Expo

Take a look at the photos she took. I saw quite a few items I’d like to see here in the U.S. EIMA 2014 Photo Album

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