UPDATE June 1, 2014: Raven MPV7100B and 7100S – Denver Global’s Answer To The Lowes Raven.

Update: June 1. 2014

Go here to read my latest review. 2014 Raven MPV-7100 Hybrid Mower Review – Are You Ready For A Change?

Update March 20, 2014

I spent this week in North Carolina reviewing the improvements and schedule for the Raven.  I’ll write a detailed article soon about my impressions and what’s in the future. In the meantime here is a hint:

They have made over 200 changes to it. Everything from new suspension up front, new deck, new controllers and motors.
Even though it is not an ATV we took them out in the woods and I tried to break it ….I couldn’t. Even though you are supposed to keep it out of the water one the company testers (affectionatley called  “our crash test dummy” tried to drown it and couldn’t. No you are not supposed to run them over rock piles but we did and I even rammed one into a tree hard enough that would bend the front end of a regular lawn tractor. No problems whatsoever. It is a very tough unit.
When you see your new MPV-7100 it will look the same, but it has been completely redesigned from the ground up by US engineers and constructed by Good Ole Southern Guys and Gals.
Every step in the assembly is checked off, checked by an inspector. Each section of the assembly is checked by a supervisor and rechecked by QC. Each new unit is ran, tested, ran, tested and ran again. When it is ready to ship, it is 100%.
I like all the key players. The engineers, the assembly line management and the marketing staff are all experienced lawn and garden people. Denver Global recruited people from Husqvarna, Schiller, MTD and GXi.

Update January 22, 2014:

The Raven has undergone a complete revision. The new models will be called the Raven 7100 and Raven 7100S. Over 150 improvements have been made and this great idea is just about ready for you to buy. Go see what’s going on at  www.RavenAmerica.com. Check out the videos: RavenAmerica – Videos

November 26, 2013

I’ll keep all the information on the New Raven in this one article until the units get an official release date.

I want to thank Ryan Bagwell from Denver Global Products for sending a new video. Click on the link to watch.


By the way if you kept your original Lowes MPV 710 Raven you should stop using it.  You can go here to see what options you have for it. (They are all positive!)

November 3, 2013

As you know I didn’t get to the GIE_EXPO but many of the other bloggers did and one of my favorite tool blogs, Tools In Action was able to get a Denver Global Rep to tell them a little about the re-engineered Raven.

I want to thank  Tools In Action for posting this on YouTube so I can show it here.

Orginally we all called it the Lowes Raven 710 and it had problems.  So many problems in fact that it was recalled in May of last year.  It sounds like they have quickly gone back and made the improvements need to try the market again. The rep stated in the Tools In Action video below that there were over 150 changes made to the product.

The new models will be called the Raven 7100 and Raven 7100S

Here is an article from the Charlotte Business Journal talking about the new timeline for the reintroducing the Raven Denver Global expects to return to market with hybrid vehicle next month

To Repeat: The Raven has undergone a complete revision. Over 150 improvements have been made and this great idea is just about ready for you to buy. Go see what’s going on at  www.RavenAmerica.com


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