Lawn Mower Acreage Chart – How Much Can You Mow?

Lawn Mower Productivity Chart

 Here is a mower productivity chart to help you determine what is the best size deck width for your yard.

Keep in mind a 17 hp 42 inch mower will not be able to mow as fast as a 24 hp 42 inch mower.

A good guess for mowing speeds is:

2 mph for a cheap, low hp lawn tractor (like the Yard Machines 38 inch)

4 mph for most other residential lawn tractors, zero turns and garden tractors (like the Craftsman YT4000)

6 mph for most mid-priced zero turns and estate tractors (like the John Deere EZTrak)

8 mph for most commercial zero turns (like the Toro Grandstand and ExMark Vantage)

11 to 13 mph for the high end commercial mowers (Like the Wright Stander ZK)

Updated : March 2017

[table id=7 /]

Thanks to Exmark Lawn Equipment for originally developing this chart.

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