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Even though I have been too busy getting Movingsnow.com ready and too busy to answer questions about mowers,  I am under contract to write about OLFA products once a month. So,

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If you work in construction you know this brand. OLFA makes the toughest snap-off blade knives around. If you are a painter or electrician you know this brand. You probably have an OLFA chemically resistant auto-lock knife in your tool belt right now.

If someone in your household works with fabric, makes quilts or crafts they know this brand. OLFA revolutionized the crafting and quilting with the rotary cutter 35 years ago.

OLFA sent me 2 pairs of the LType GPG-175 Scissors and I'm glad they did - because I would have never had a chance to test them out if they had sent only one pair.

OLFA sent me 2 pairs of the LType GPG-175 Scissors and I’m glad they did – because I would have never had a chance to test them out if they had sent only one pair.

My wife watched me open the box of knives OLFA sent me and immediately saw the scissors. She took them out of the packaging, tried them on the packaging and said just one word, “Mine!”

OLFA Scissors

OLFA Scissors

I’ve had a lot of scissors over the years. Cheap ones, expensive ones and everything in between. I still have an Italian steel scissors my Grandmother gave me 40 years ago. One of the biggest problems with those scissors is once you abuse them – they are never the same.

With most scissors:

  • If you try to cut something too hard you knick the edge they never cut right after that.
  • If you try to cut something too soft, like yarn, they won’t cut every strand.
  • It is really easy to spring the hinge and they won’t cut normal stuff like paper after that.

Because of problems with other scissors I’ve spent the last 6 months trying to find the OLFA SCS-2’s limitations and I have to say these are very tough scissors.

Here is what I’ve found.

The the blade length is about one inch shorter than the standard orange handle Fiskars scissor you find at WalMart or Michaels. I thought that would be a problem at first but after using them – it’s not. The shorter length gives them a lot more strength and I can’t twist them when trying to cut too much. I used them to cut up a few skeins of yard for the Baltimore Orioles in the backyard and I could not get them to twist. They cut every strand.

I couldn't bind up the OLFA scissors by cutting too much yarn

I couldn’t bind the OLFA scissors by cutting too much yarn

I really have tried to abuse them without specifically trying to break them. I find that they cut copper wire very well.  I wired extra lights on the Raven and used them to cut 18, 16 and 14 ga wires.

I made a cat scratching post and used the scissors to trim and cut heavy carpet. It was easier to use than a carpet knife.

I’ve used it to open bags of charcoal, bags of sand, bags of compost. I use them to cut up cardboard for the recycle bin.

They worked well to cut aluminum screen to patch a window screen.

They work really well cutting the plastic anti-theft bubble plastic that most things are packaged in now-days. The stuff tools are packaged in is hard to cut with a normal scissors and using a utility knife is an easy way to get stitches from the emergency room. I like how short these are and it makes cutting the corners and down a seam very easy.

I really want to put them through a good test so I’ve grabbed these scissors first before anything else.

My wife is into abusing them:

My wife doesn’t use them in the house at all. She took her pair and threw them in her landscaping bucket so they get used for everything out in the garden. Opening bags, cutting plants, pruning branches. I even caught her using them to cut off a 1/2 inch apple tree branch.

Amazon's new air bag.

Amazon’s new air bag.

I recently looked at her pair and found them in a bucket of mud – I mean a bucket of potting soil that got left out in the rain:)

So – Do I like them or not?

The OLFA SCS-2 scissors are a good general purpose scissors and after 6 months they have put up with everyday use from both my wife and myself.  At around $13 they are a great deal if you are the type who abuses their tools.

You can get the OLFA SCS-2 scissors at Lowes, Home Depot and many hardware stores.

Check out the OLFA product page here: OLFA SCS-2.

I’m going to try something new this year. Todaysmower and Movingsnow have become so popular that everyday I have companies soliciting me to advertise on the sites. Insurance companies, airlines, travel agencies, diets, hotels, just about everything you can imagine. Almost all of these companies have substantial advertising budgets and I could make a good living just writing articles for these business and posting them on my sites. From all of these offers there are a few companies I already like and use their products everyday. I’ve decided to take a couple that relate to Lawn & Garden or Tools. I’m going to keep it simple and let you know right up front that the article is a sponsored post – not a review. It’s called paid placement or sponsored posts. 

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