How Many Lawn Tractors and Zero Turns Are There For 2015?

How Many Lawn Tractors and Zero Turns Are There For 2015?

If you are wondering why you can’t make a decision on the best lawn tractor or zero turn for you this year it’s because there are over 400 models available from 27 different brands. This only includes mowers designed for residential mowing. The 400 does not include all of the commercial models available.

Of that 400 there are over 100 models brand new for 2015.

Over the next 3 months I’ll be going writing reviews and creating lists to help you decide which is the best mower for you and your property. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

A Question For You:

Would you like me to continue writing very detailed reviews of the products available to buy online like I have in the past or would like shorter reviews of all the product available? Please leave your opinion in the comments below.

Here is a list of all the Lawn Tractors

Here is a list of all the Zero-Turns

A few highlights.

Ariens Fast Auto

Ariens has new lawn tractors

Hustler Flip up

Hustler has new flip-up decks

Cub Cadet has completely rebuilt their lawn tractor line. Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series

Cub Cadet has completely rebuilt their lawn tractor line. Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series

Husqvarna z242f

Husqvarna has added new good looking zero-turns.

Craftsman Pro Zero Turn

Craftsman has added heavy duty fabricated deck landowner zero-turns and new lawn tractors with Kohler engines.

S240 Deere

John Deere has a new dealer only X240 series lawn tractor


Raven has officially added a Sportsman version to the MPV-7100 line

Simplicity Cobalt

Simplicity/Snapper showed a new landowner zero turn at GIE-EXPO

Toro Steering Wheel

Toro has introduced 5 new steering wheel zero-turns in residential and landowner categories

Country Clipper Flip Deck

Country Clipper introduced a flip-up deck landowner zero turn


Poulan Pro has completely rebuilt their lawn tractor and residential zero turn lines. All are on Amazon!How Many Lawn Tractors and Zero Turns Are There For 2015? 1

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It’s the old ‘nice to have’ problem of too much choice striking again. I think it’s important not to get too hoodwinked into thinking the big brands and names are everything. John Deere do some great machines, and they look great, don’t get me wrong, but boy will you pay for them. The humble Husqvana and Mountfield can be two thirds of the price and do just as good a job.


Is it just me or do the new poulan pro mowers look like repainted ariens which in turn looks like repainted couple of years old craftsman?
Also I hate the hood design of the new cub cadets other then the XT3 mower.
I could see line of sight being a issue when doing some close quarter maneuvering

Steve Brown,,,,Belton,SC
Steve Brown,,,,Belton,SC

What you are sending me now is very helpful,,,I do enjoy it and it is a lot of help,,,Please keep sending to me.

Tony Archer

I love reading the site and the deep analysis. I live in Minnesota, and while it looks like spring outside, I know I’ve got 3+ months before I get to think about mowing. Your review of the Craftsman mowers has me excited about the 42″ Craftsman pro. I’ve got a pretty good sized hill, so it’s a major consideration. That new Kohler 7000 looks sweet. I guess my only questions would be, when is the best time to buy? Any chance I can save $100+ ? And do you foresee a better value from another brand in 2015? I already… Read more »

David Boyd, Duffys Outdoor Power Equipment

I checked the zero-turn list and didn’t see any Gravely but, I have ZT34, ZT42 and a Pro-turn 52 from Gravely here on the floor and others are available. I believe your list needs to be updated further with current units.

Mark in Middle River
Mark in Middle River

I agree with oakmanz. However, diversification to other lawn/garden equipment, like the utility carts, is truly helpful.


I enjoy the details. This is the main reason I visit this blog for its comprehensive thought out posts.

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