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Sponsored Post: When was the last time you went looking for a specific brand of utility knife?

If you work in construction you know this brand. OLFA makes the toughest snap-off blade knives around.

If you are a painter or electrician you know this brand. You probably have an OLFA chemically resistant auto-lock knife in your toolbelt right now.

If someone in your household works with fabric, makes quilts or crafts they know this brand. OLFA revolutionized the crafting and quilting with the rotary cutter 35 years ago.

I’m going to try something new this year. It’s called paid placement or sponsored posts.

OLFA Knives

A few of the OLFA Knives we’ll use this year.

Todaysmower and Movingsnow have become so popular that everyday I have companies soliciting me to advertise on the sites. Insurance companies, airlines, travel agencies, diets, hotels, just about everything you can imagine.  Almost all of these companies have substantial advertising budgets and I could make a good living just writing articles for these business and posting them on my sites.   From all of these offers there are a few companies I already like and use their products everyday. I’ve decided to take a couple that relate to Lawn & Garden or Tools. I’m going to keep it simple and let you know right up front that the article is a sponsored post – not a review.

OLFA® Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife (LA-X)



I didn’t realize that there was a difference in snap blade knives until I watched a professional installer last summer use a knife to cut linoleum and then carpet with the same blade. I finally had to ask him where he got blades that cut so well. He not only told me about the extra sharp carbon steel blades but told me about the knife itself. By the time he was done I said, “You should sell these out of your truck!” To him it was more than just a knife. Yes, the blade is sharp and held it’s edge longer than stainless steel blades but to him the knife was a multi-purpose tool. He told me the metal tip on the back-end will open paint cans, loosen screws on outlet plates and the tip is tapered just right so you can use it to pry off outlet covers without marring the paint or breaking the plate. Later on I saw him using the back tip to pry off a section of baseboard.

One of the things I really like about the LA-X is the lock. It’s very easy to use and always slides well even when it’s full of dirt or drywall dust. I never have to worry about the lock slipping. Having been cut and scared too many times from cheaper knives where the lock slipped or never worked quite right this knife really gives me peace of mind. I can always trust it to work.



OLFA® Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife (LA-X)This OLFA® utility knife, with its secure rubber grip, lets you work with confidence. The knife includes a metal pick, perfect for puncturing cans, removing, light switch plate covers and more. Plus, the handle is chemically resistant to paint and MRO environments. Use this utility knife for construction (LA-X, #1072198)Good For: Applications such as flooring, drywall and roofing repair or replacement. Cuts carpeting, linoleum, drywall, roofing shingles and more.

You can get OLFA Knives at The Home Depot, Sears and Ace Hardware. All of these knives are made in Japan.

If you want to buy one right now Amazon has them in stock: OLFA 1072198 LA-X 18mm Fiberglass Rubber Grip Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

Extra Carbon Steel Blades: OLFA 9070 LBB-10B 18mm UltraSharp Black Snap-Off Heavy-Duty Blade, 10-Pack

If you are a contractor here is the safe way to dispose of the old tips: OLFA 1064415 DC-4 Blade Disposal Case

OLFA® Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Utility Knife (NL-AL)

The second knife in this article doesn’t have the metal pick and the carbon steel blades but it has a few advantages for everyday use. First it has the stainless blades you are used to. Stainless steel blades don’t rust like carbon blades so you can leave this one out in your ATV toolbox and won’t have to worry about it leaving a rust mark. Second, it’s a solid knife but slim so it fits in smaller hands well.



This blade is also a great painter’s knife. If you paint like I do it takes me just about as long to clean up my tools as it does to paint the room. Latex paint will clean off of this knife with soap and water and it is even resistant to acetone so it will clean up like new if you use non-latex paints.

OLFA Track One last feature that I noticed this knife has that you don’t see to often is an extra wide ratchet track. Why is this important? If you have ever used a utility knife in a gritty environment – laying asphalt shingles – building a sandbox – installing landscape fabric you know that most knives get full of grit and won’t slide. This one is different.



OLFA® Rubber Grip Auto-Lock Utility Knife (NL-AL)A rubber grip provides extra stability and control for this OLFA® utility knife. It is not only sturdy, its’ handle is resistant to acetone. The knife has a slim shape that makes it easy to grasp and to fit in most pouches. Grab this utility knife when you need to cut construction materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials. (NL-AL, #9036) Good For: Applications such as flooring, drywall and roofing repair or replacement. Cuts carpeting, linoleum, drywall, roofing shingles and more.

If you want to buy one right now Amazon has them in stock: OLFA 9036 NL-AL 18mm All-Over Rubber Grip Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

Extra Stainless Steel Blades: OLFA 1092625 LB-5B 18mm Heavy-Duty Snap-off Blade, 5-Pack

Do you have your own story to tell about OLFA knives?

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