John Deere says, “Farmers Don’t Own Their Tractors – We Do”

This article is about how Digital Millennium Copyright Act is going to affect your new car, truck, toaster and soon – your lawn tractor and zero-turn. The Copyright Office will decide in July which high-tech devices we can modify, hack, and repair. JD-t-series-premium-cab

Wired Magazine is reporting that several manufacturers, including John Deere, have told the Copyright Office that farmers don’t own their tractors. Because computer code snakes through the DNA of modern tractors, farmers receive “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.” If companies like John Deere get their way you will not be able to diagnose, repair or modify equipment that uses computers. 

I recommend you read the entire article on Wired by clicking here

Is this the start of not being able to work on your own lawn tractor?

Is this the start of not being able to work on your own lawn tractor?

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With john deere this doesnt suprise me. Awhile ago I stopped seeing them as the “Meat and potatoes working mans tractor” and started seeing them as the mighty suit and tie corporation machine.
But GM does disappoint me. The success of the legendary small block chevy is based on the fact many tuners and weekend warriors found ways to make it faster and better and GM has made a pretty penny selling aftermarket parts for said engines.
I would recommend these companies listen and watch. They might just learn something

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