Raven Generators – Great Value – Great Price!

Over a month ago Raven sent a 4000 watt and a 6500 watt portable generator to test but it has been just too cold! It’s finally was warm enough this weekend to get them out of the box. Here is my first impression.

These generators are great value units. They have features not found on generators in this price range. Raven continues to push the envelope for affordable – dependable machines with these generators. They are built well with full wrap around frames, high quality motors and quiet mufflers. They are priced less than comparable quality and featured generators on the market. These generators are new to the U.S. but the company that makes them has a world-wide reputation for high quality at an affordable price. These generators will last you a long time around your home, campsite, work site, and farm.

I am showing you 2 generators in this article. The GEN6500E is well designed for most of the 110/220 volt emergency power and remote use tasks around your home, acreage or farm. The GEN4000 is a great for tailgating, camping, basic emergency power using 110 volt tools where there is no power available.

The Raven generators are 95% ready to go out of the box. It took me only 15 minutes to unbox, assemble the wheel kit and put oil in them. Put gas in them and they are ready to go! Plug in your cords and go!

RAVEN GEN6500E Overview – Is this the right generator for you?

RAVEN 6500 This generator is large enough that you can power most of the items in your home. With the 220/110 30 amp twist lock outlet you can hook it up to a transfer switch

  • The Raven GEN6500E features electric start, 6500 starting watts and 5500 continuous. This is enough to power an average sized home. How much power do you need? Read the end of this page.
  • This generator also includes a wheel kit and foldable handles so you can easily move it around.
  • The 6.5-gallon gas tank gives you run times of 10 hours at half load
  • Electric start. Just push the button and off goes!
  • Fuel shut-off valve. Turn off the valve and run the generator carb out of fuel. This saves starting issues later on.
  • Includes fuel gauge and non-fuse circuit breakers.
  • One 220/110 30 amp twist lock outlet
  • Four – 110 volt outlets
  • 12 volt dc outlet.

Features you normally don’t find on a generator in this price range

  • Hour meter
  • 12 volt outlet
  • Low-oil alert system
  • Electric Start

Buy Here with Free Shipping From Amazon!  Raven GEN6500E 6500-watt Electric Start Generator with Wheel KitRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 1

This generator is also available at Lowes and at select dealers. To find a local dealer go here: RAVEN DEALER LOCATOR

Power Cords:

Besides the generator itself you will want a few heavy-duty extension cords or cords with multiple outlets. (From Amazon)

Westinghouse WGC25 25-Feet Generator Power CordRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 2

Cerrowire 614-16367BB electraTrac 50-Foot 12/3 In-Line 6-Outlet Multi-Outlet Cord, YellowRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 3

Coleman Cable 04188 50-Feet 12/3 Multi-Outlet Vinyl Extension Cord with Lighted EndRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 4

Transfer Switch:

The Raven GEN6500E is powerful enough to handle most emergency power in your home. If you want to run your furnace, air conditioner or well pump I suggest you have a licensed lectrician install a transfer switch. A transfer switch allows you to plug the generator into the side of your house and use your house breaker box to add or remove loads during the power outage.

Reliance Controls 31406CRK Pro/Tran 6-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 7,500-Watt GeneratorsRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 5

RAVEN GEN4000 Overview – Is this the right generator for you?

RAVEN 4000 This is a very compact generator for the power it produces.  I can easily see this becoming a very popular generator to throw in the back of you van, pickup or SUV and using it to power your campsite or tailgating party. It’s quiet. It rolls around the yard easily with it’s large wheels and strong handles. It only weighs about 100 lbs so 2 people can easily lift it into a pick-up. It’s pretty thrifty on fuel and can get up to 10 hours on 4 gallons.

This is a great value multi-purpose generator but let’s be clear, it is not an inverter generator. Although inverter generators are somewhat quieter,  they will not power as much and are up to 3 times more expensive.

  • Very compact. Only takes up 20 X 24 inches. About the same foot print as your standard microwave. It’s small enough to easily take it along in your SUV or Subaru Forrester and leave room for the rest of your weekend camping supplies.
  • Includes a 12 volt outlet to power the items you normally use in your car.
  • 4000 surge watts and 3200 rated watts. If want to use it as an emergency generator and you have gas appliances this will get you by. It is strong enough to power your milk house (milk cooler and lighting) and run heat lamps for your new-born livestock.
  • Wheel kit and fold-able handles make for easy transportation included free.
  • 4-gallon gas tank runs 10 hours at half load.
  • Low-oil alert system helps keep the engine safe from harm.
  • Includes fuel gauge, hour meter and non-fuse breaker.

Features you normally don’t find on a generator in this price range

  • Hour meter
  • 12 volt outlet
  • Low-oil alert system

Buy Here with Free Shipping From Amazon!  Raven GEN4000 4000-watt Electric Start Generator with Wheel KitRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 1

This generator is also available at Lowes and at select dealers. To find a local dealer go here: RAVEN DEALER LOCATOR

Power Cords:

Marmon Home Improvement Prod 615-16457AB 12/4 b Multi-Outlet Cord, 25-Feet, YellowRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 7

Yellow Jacket 827362 Outdoor 15-Amp Outlet Adapter Converter, 5-Outlet, YellowRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 8

USB Adapter

Energizer (EN180) 12V 180W Cup InverterRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 9 Charge up to 4 phones and a laptop by plugging this into the 12 volt port on the generator.

Let’s put one together:

The Raven generators are very easy to get out of the box and assemble. The generator comes with a set of wrenches but you will need a box cutter to open the box, and an adjustable wrench (Cresent Wrench.) For the 6500 you will also need a #2 Phillips Screwdriver and a pliers.

Raven GEN6500E Boxed

1. Here’s the box. Cut the 4 straps and slit the tape for the top seams.

Raven GEN6500E Open Box

2. Nice packing! Pull that foam out and discard. There is nothing attached you will need.

Raven GEN6500E inbox

3. The assembly manual is inside the generator. We’ll get it out in a minute.

Raven GEN6500E Parts Box

4. Pull the large cardboard box out of the side and lay it somewhere so you can open it.

Raven GEN6500E Parts Box

Everything you need including tools! I took all the parts out of the bubble wrap and left them lay in the box.

Raven GEN6500E Plastic wrap

It’s easier for me to cut the packing box open with a box cutter than to lift it out of the box. Open the plastic and save for a dust cover. Look around the backside of the generator. The operating manual is stuck under the gas tank.

5. In the parts box there is a package of 6 bolts and 6 nuts. The two longer bolts and the two locknuts are for the handles.
6. Tip the generator on it’s end so the recoil is on top. You will see a hole on the side of each bottom pipe. That is where the axle for the wheels goes. Install the axle and then the wheels.
7. Tip it on the other end and attach the bottom feet and the handles.

Raven GEN6500E oil

8. Put oil in it. .6 L (20 oz) for the GEN4000 and a full quart (1.1 L) for the GEN6500. The manual states 15W40 but if you can’t find that use 10W40. Putting oil in generators can be a pain. I ended up tipping these on their side and using a funnel to fill them.

Raven GEN6500E battery

One more step on the GEN6500E. Hook up the battery. Red capped wire goes to red terminal on battery.

Raven GEN6500E

Raven GEN4000E ready to fill with fuel.

Raven GEN6500E Fuel Valve

Put at least one gallon of fresh fuel. Turn the fuel valve on (pointing down)

Raven GEN6500E Fuel Fill

When filling only fill to the top of the screen

Raven GEN6500E Choke

On a new engine I always wait 5 minutes or so to start it after I put in fuel and open the fuel valve. Then set the choke to full close.

Raven GEN6500E On-Off Switch

On the GEN4000 Turn the Switch to On. Pull the starter rope. Mine started on the first pull.

Raven GEN6500E Switch

The Raven GEN6500E has a 3 position swtich. Push the swtich all the way up to start it with the electric starter. This one started immediately!

How Quiet Is It?

You’re probably wondering if the GEN4000 is quiet enough for camping or tailgating. I ran a noise test with my trusty Craftsman Pocket Sound Meter and here are my results.

GEN4000 at 3 feet

GEN4000 at 3 feet. Just what I expected. Quiet muffler but air cooled motors do make noise.

Raven at 10 feet

GEN4000 at 10 feet. About the same as your phone ringing or a busy street.

Raven at tailgate

GEN4000 on the other side of a vehicle. You will hear it, but you won’t have to talk louder to be heard setting around the campfire. 60-65 DB is normal conversation at 3 feet.

What Size Do I Need?

A crucial step in choosing a generator is ensuring that you get a model that will supply enough power for your use. There are two buying guides I like that do a great job of explaining how large of a generator you need. The first is at Amazon: Generator Buying GuideRaven Generators - Great Value - Great Price! 10


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