New ST224 24 inch Husqvarna Snow Blower – A Detailed Look

I am going to focus on the ST224 Husqvarna Snow Blower in this article. But First a little about the new 200 series.  For most of us we don’t need the biggest, baddest or most hyped. We want a good dependable snow blower that is easy to use and reliable. We want a snow blower that is priced fairly for the features it offers. The new Husqvarna ST 224, ST 227P and ST 230P look to be just that snow blower for many of us. The new 200 series has features not found on any other snow blower on the market. I’ve had a chance to spend as much time as I needed to inspect the new Husqvarna 200 series snow blowers and they are everything that I was told.  These are a completely new machines with features that you want and a couple of new features that you didn’t even know you needed.   For most of us these new Husqvarna snow blowers will be just the ticket!

To read about the entirely new line of Husqvarna Snow Blowers go here: Husqvarna Introduces a Complete New Line Of Snow Blowers!

Over the last 10 years I have talked with thousands of people interested in a new snow blower and over the last 5 years I have noticed a big change in who needs one. More and more women have to use a snow blower. Why? I talk to more women who own their own homes. I talk to more couples where women have to use the snow blower because their spouse is away during the week. I notice that there are a lot more women who are heads of household and are responsible for getting the driveway cleared.  I talk to a lot of older women whose spouse can no longer go outside and shovel snow. When I show them 2-stage snow blowers the first thing they all say is, “The handles are too high.” The second thing they say is, “The controls don’t fit my hands.” They walk away frustrated and don’t feel a snow blower is something that they can use. I never get a chance to discuss what was important in the past – the capabilities of the machine.

The new Husqvarna 200 series is the first line of snow throwers that most of us can use. I am going to go out on a limb and state, “If you are over 5 feet tall. If you can walk and use both hands. You can use this snow blower.” The new adjustable height handles are an industry first. The new console/dash is the first one designed for both large and small hands.

I feel all the other review sites and magazines have missed this one important point this year. It is no longer just about the biggest and baddest toy on the block. It really doesn’t matter how many stages it has or how much power it has. They missed the half of new owners who say, “If I can’t use it, I won’t buy it.”

In this article I am going to go into a detailed look at these new Husqvarna Snow Blowers. The opinions in this article are my own. I have not received any compensation in any form from Husqvarna or any other party for this review.

What it is: The ST 224 Husqvarna snow blower is a great choice for a homeowner. They compare favorably to the Craftsman, Cub Cadet 2X and 3X, Troy-Bilt, Ariens Compact, Ariens Deluxe, Toro Power Max, and Snapper Simplicity medium duty snow blowers. What makes them unique is the new operator console and the fact that you can adjust the height of the controls for any user. Husqvarna has one of the best service and parts networks. The snow blowers will blow snow well and do as good of a job as any of the other homeowner machines. They don’t leave a mess like the 3-stage machines. (You do know some review sites use sawdust to test the snow blowers – not real snow. Yes, they test them all the same, but it is still like testing the processing speed of super computers using a stop watch)

What it isn’t: These snow blowers are cost effective machines and are not as heavy-duty as the 300 Series Husqvarna’s.  They are not commercial snow blowers designed to be used 24 hours at a time. They are quality built snow blowers that will do the job well for homeowners like you and I. If you plan to make money blowing snow, cleaning schools or other areas where you will be using your snow blower for hours at a time look at a heavier duty machine.

 What I’ve Seen: New – Unique Features on the ST224

ST 227 Husqvarna Handlebar Adjustment – Adjustable Handles. This is a big deal! This feature is not available on any other snow blower. This feature is particularly useful if you are less than 6 foot tall. This is one of the biggest new features to these machines! In fact this is probably the most important feature to come to snow blowers for 2014! I can’t believe Consumer Reports and the other review mags have not picked up on this! Now anyone 5 foot or taller can use a snow blower. Coupled with the easy to use controls and the power steering on the 27 and 30 inch models, the 200 series are the easiest snow blowers on the market to use. The handles can be adjusted up or down to fit you. 

IMG_7432 – Big, easy to use operators area.  New control panel with the smoothest controls. The new controls are designed for large and small gloved hands. Each control is strategically placed for maximum efficiency. Silicone lined, heavy duty control cables. I really like the new control area (console). It’s big, bold, intuitive and very easy to use. Once you start using it you will quickly see why this may the best console anyone has ever designed for a snow blower. Gone are the old plow style handles John Deere invented 177 years ago that are still used today on most snow blowers. These new handles work even for small hands. One other small bonus. The new wrap-around handles don’t get caught in your coat pockets when you turn.

You will feel very comfortable using this snow blower.

I really like the fact that many options on other brands are included in the Homeowner 200 Series Models. Heated hand grips, remote deflector, headlight – all included at the same price as most other brands.



 – There were a few questions on the heated hand grips. When they were first explained to me I understood the heat to be both in the in the paddles and the lower grip. That is not correct. The heat is in the lower grip. Your fingers will stay nice and warm.

ST 227 Husqvarna Focused LED HeadlightST 227 Husqvarna Focused LED Headlights  – Focused LED headlights. Two sets that shine all around the snowblower.  The discharge chute is not in the way of the lights. These focused lights give you a clear view at night. They are bright enough that you will not feel the need to have any light to see what you are doing.

IMG_7429ST 227 Husqvarna Cable Stay – This updated engine also features a standard 5 year warranty! Plus the engine features a 5 year starting guarantee. Just follow the simple storage procedure in the spring and Husqvarna will guarantee your engine to start for 5 years! It now has a throttle so you can idle it down when you need to step away from the snow blower to tell your neighbor how well you like your new machine. Of course it has a 110 volt electric starter. The new muffler is 20% quieter than last year. Just look at the heavy duty cable guides.

ST 227 Husqvarna Chute – The Remote Chute Control is very precise and works easily. It is very intuitive and quick.

ST 227 Husqvarna More Chute – The remote deflector locks into place. It will never slip up like the MTD built brands. If you own a Craftsman, Cub Cadet or Troy-Bilt you know what I mean!

ST 227 Husqvarna Chute Inside – Here is one small feature that is not included on most brands at this price. There is a rubber gasket that keeps the snow from blowing out the hinges on the chute. If you have ever owned or used a Honda 2 stage you know how aggravating this can be. Little trickles of snow blow out the cracks and in your face. Few snow blowers in this price range include little features like this.
ST 227 Husqvarna Rear Transmission Cover
– Husqvarna has also redesigned the friction disc transmission. Half the number of parts compared to the old version. The new system is stronger and the case has been redesigned so moisture doesn’t get in to make the drive wheel slip on the drive plate. Look how clutter free the back-end is. No worries about lifting it over a step or into the back of your pickup.

ST 227 Husqvarna Impeller – Here is a feature you don’t know you need. If you ever get something into the snow blower like a rock or kid’s toy these two bolts will break before the machine tears itself apart. That’s great, most other brands also have these shear pins. But I have spent hours trying remove the broken pins in the past because the pins sheared flush and I couldn’t find the holes to knock them out. What makes the Husqvarna unique is the roll pin. The roll pin is lined up with the holes and rests up against the impeller so you can always find the holes.

ST 227 Husqvarna Front Gear Box – The aluminum gear box is warranted for 5 years!

ST 227 Husqvarna Poly Skid Shoe
 – Poly, reversible skid shoes. These shoes are as strong as steel and will last just as long. They won’t scratch your patio or stamped concrete driveway.

ST 227 Husqvarna Reinforced Auger Housing – Reinforced, weighted auger housing. Aluminum gearbox snow blowers can be a little light up front. This makes them easy to turn but they sometimes want to ride up in hard packed drifts. Instead of a rolled edge Husqvarna put a solid steel rod on the top edge of the housing for weight and to make the housing as stiff as possible. Besides the added weight this keeps the housing from bending.

ST 227 Husqvarna Reversable Shave Plate – Here is another feature that you don’t see very often anymore. Reversible scraper bar. Most of the manufactures now use a one-way scraper bar. Their design makes the housing stiffer. The problem is it also increases the cost of maintaining the snow blower. The one-way scraper costs more and doesn’t last as long. Husqvarna was smart enough to install a replaceable bracket so they could use a scraper bar that will give you twice the life. When one side wears away simply turn it over to get twice the use.

ST 227 Husqvarna Ball Bearing – 12 inch ribbon auger instead of stamped closed flights. This gives an improved mix of snow and air. This makes the snow easier to handle for the snow blower and helps the snow blower move snow faster. The whole system is more efficient clears the snow better.The closed flights on the older snow blowers severely limited the capacity of the machines. If you watch some of my videos of the older machines you can see the snow piling up in front of the snow blowers. These new augers allow more snow and air into the blower housing which allows the new models to move more snow.

ST 227 ST 224 Husqvarna

ST224 Homeowner Series – High Capacity All Surface Homeowner

These snow blowers are designed for homeowners who need a high-performing snow thrower with high throwing capacity to clear snow from large driveways, parking areas, sidewalks and paths, regardless of surface type*.
*) The ST224- is a 24 inch 2-stage design and comes standard with adjustable poly skid shoes that can be used on all surfaces.

Replaces the current 924HV in US

“Medium duty” – new and old snow; end of driveway snow; 2-15 in, typical midwestern snow storms, occasional use in all snow conditions.  (That means it will handle those occasional blizzards you get)

Upgrades vs Existing models

  • Adjustable handle height (instead of fixed handle) This is a big deal! Anyone can now comfortably use this snow blower. The handles can be adjusted up or down to fit you. In addition the wrap-around handles don’t get caught in your coat pockets when you turn.
  • New control panel with smoother controls. The new controls are designed for large and small gloved hands. Each control is strategically placed for maximum efficiency. Silicone lined, heavy duty control cables.
  • New friction disc transmission. Half the number of parts compared to the old version. 
  • Improved power steering. The old system was heavy-duty but got sticky and hard to use once in a while.
  • Ribbon auger (12”) instead of stamped (gives an improved mix of snow and air, which makes the snow easier to handle and contributes to a more efficient clearing process). The closed flights on the older snow blowers severely limited the capacity of the machines. These new augers allow more snow and air into the blower housing which allows the new models to move more snow.
  • Bolted auger housing (instead of welded) for increased durability
  • Heated hand grips on 27 and 30 inch models
  • Plastic skid shoes (instead of steel) for smoother operation and less damage on delicate grounds.
  • Dual LED headlights instead of single. The light now shines around the discharge chute.
  • Long life Husqvarna brand engines instead of B&S Snow Series MAX.

ST 224 2-stage Homeowner Snow Blower 24 inch – 208 cc – No Power Steering

    • Husqvarna brand engine(208 cc)

Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2 Stage 24-Inch right

Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2 Stage 24-Inch left

Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2 Stage 24-Inch console

  • 24”/61 cm working width
  • Standard auger housing
  • 12” ribbon auger
  • Friction disc transmission
  • Electric starter
  • Heated handle grips
  • Remote chute rotator
  • Remote chute deflector
  • LED headlights
  • 2.7 L fuel tank
  • Aluminium auger gear box
  • 15” tires

Model Number 961 93 00-96

Buy With Confidence And Free Shipping Here:

They are available at your local Husqvarna dealer and online through Amazon.

Buying Online:

Many of you are comfortable buying online and Amazon continues to be one of the best places to buy a Husqvarna Snow Blower. These snow blowers are shipped directly to your door and assembly and set up is quick and easy. A few things to point out that will make your purchase the best for you.

1.  Look at the page carefully for the price. Many times there is more than one seller including Amazon and they all have different pricing. The price in large type at the top of the page is not always the lowest (and best) price. For example: On this page Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 24-Inch when you look at the large print price at the top of the page it states $949 plus free shipping. But when you look a few lines down on the page you will see “4 new from $799.00”. When you click on that link you see other offers and some of those are the best price.
2. There are still older models available. The easiest way to tell is the front auger on the older machines is Orange. The new snow blowers all use a black ribbon auger. (Read on to understand the difference) I strongly recommend going with the new, 2014 Models.
3. I have had thousands of readers purchase snow blowers, snow blower parts, Digital TV’s and even school books. I have heard no problems with getting the merchandise, or returning it if there is a problem. Amazon not only handles the small stuff well, but larger items like snow blowers are handled with the same, great care and service. Buy With Confidence And Free Shipping
4. If you buy one through Amazon it comes in a crate. Setup is straight-forward and easy. Raise the handles. Adjust the height that’s most comfortable for you. Insert the second set of handle wing nuts. Attach the chute. Install the remote chute deflector cable. Screw on the control knobs. Check the tire pressure. Adjust the skid shoes. If you read the manual before you start, it’s a 10 minute job.  (source: ST 227P Operator’s manual)
5. When you get your new snow blower call the 800 number in the manual and register it. From then on you will have no problems if you every need warranty work on your machine. Service is performed through a local dealer or sometimes Husqvarna will send you the parts if you are comfortable with doing the work yourself.

If you need a new gas can here is one that actually works: No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant)

Purchase the new Husqvarna 200 Series Snow Blower Here:

24 inch – 208 cc ST 224 2-stage  Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 24-Inch

Want to know more? See the slides below:

Feature overview 200 Durability


Feature overview 200-series


Buy With Confidence And Free Shipping Here:

See More and purchase the new Husqvarna 200 Series Snow Blower Here:

24 inch – 208 cc ST 224 2-stage  Husqvarna 961930096 208cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 24-Inch

27 inch – 254 cc ST 227P 2-stage  Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 27-Inch

30 inch – 291 cc ST 230P 2-stage  Husqvarna 961930101 291cc 2-Stage Electric Start Snow Thrower, 30-Inch

Feature overview 200


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