Toro Residential Mowers – MyRide Takes The Lead!

Toro arguably makes more zero-turn mowers than anyone else. They range in size from the 32 inch TimeCutter SS3225 to the 16 ft Groundsmaster 5910. Each and every model is designed to give you the best cut possible for your application and last a long, long time. 

I haven’t gone through the entire Toro Residential ZTR line for quite some time and they have made a few significant changes in the last two years. I’ll go through the changes and the 2018 lineup now.

MyRIDE Operator Suspension Platform

myride mx5075 Just In! Consumer Reports has rated the Toro MyRIDE TimeCutter MX5075 Model 74768 as the best cutting large area zero-turn mower! (rated the same cut quality as their previous winner – the Troy-Bilt Mustang 50)

 Toro MyRIDE TimeCutter MX5075 Model 74768 $3999 at The Home Depot. MyRide is also available on other models from 48 to 60 inches

In my opinion, MyRide is one of the biggest advancements in operator comfort ever designed for mid-deck zero-turn mowers. First introduced for the commercial operator two years ago this innovative operator suspension system MyRide is now available for the residential TimeCutter MX and HD series ZTRs.  Yes, It’s now affordable! Built for maximum comfort, the MyRIDE suspension system features a suspended operator platform that delivers up to 3.6 inches of travel and isolates the operator from the rest of the machine. This design reduces impacts, bumps, and vibrations on your body for a superior ride experience. MyRide gives you increased productivity and still maintains the best possible cut quality.

“The response from users on the MyRIDE suspension system has been overwhelmingly positive, and we want to make sure this technology is available to professional contractors, acreage owners and homeowners alike,” explains Rob Little, marketing director at Toro. “The new MyRIDE system has revolutionized the level of comfort we’re able to provide our end users. It’s all about keeping people comfortable and productive.”

You can easily and quickly adjust the ride settings for your personal ride preferences, without the use of tools. The suspension system is designed to limit side-to-side movement and control the pitch of the platform, as well. Mowers featuring MyRIDE also include a deck step guide for simple entry and exit making it easy to get on and off the ZTR.

Do you need MyRide? If your lawn is rough. If you have a bad back. If you want a great cutting zero-turn that rides well. You will be a lot less tired and sore after using this mower on larger properties than a typical residential ZTR.

How is MyRide different? Most brands give you padding in the seat or they will put springs under the seat to take out some of the bounce and jar of the ZTR moving over rough ground. Various methods at smoothing out a ZTR have been attempted over the years and the following lists what the other brands are currently doing.

  • One brand uses rubber dampeners to isolate you from the vibration of the mower – which helps to keep your butt from going numb.
  • Other brands will install flexible front forks that take some of the jar out of the mower but can cause the deck to bounce up and down giving you an uneven cut.
  • Two brands have a suspension system like your car that “floats” the entire mower. While this system gives every passenger in your car a smooth ride it’s not a great idea for riding lawn mowers because it can cause the deck to move up and down (bounce) and may not cut your lawn evenly.

None of these methods works well compared to the MyRide for operator comfort and getting a great cut. This design allows the deck to follow the contours in your yard and gives you a superior cut.

The MyRide is a full operator suspension system that includes your feet. It is a platform that moves independently from the mower. It isolates you from the mower. The mower itself moves with all the dips, bumps, ridges and tree roots.

New 42 Inch TimeCutter Decks

new-timecutter-stamped-deck Toro has enhanced the stamped cutting deck on 42-inch TimeCutter® zero-turn mower models by re-engineering the deck to improve clipping distribution. The new design also allows for a quicker changeover to mulching or bagging.

Specifically, the cutting deck was redesigned with a larger, wider-angle chute opening to promote effective clipping dispersal. The new deck design will also help spread clippings significantly further and wider than the previous cutting deck. The new stamped cutting deck will be available on all TimeCutter steering wheel or lever-controlled models with a 42-inch cutting deck.

The models that will incorporate the enhanced stamped cutting deck include:
TimeCutter SS4225 (74726) at The Home Depot
TimeCutter SS4200 (74711) at The Home Depot
TimeCutter SW4200 (74788) at The Home Depot

The new stamped cutting deck also has an optional mulching kit that has 80% fewer parts than the previous kit. No tools are needed to attach the mulching kit – you only need one wrench to change from the side discharge to mulching blades. Another option, the newly designed bagging kit design takes advantage of the new wider discharge opening to allow for faster, increased bag fill and less tendency to clog.

Two more items I’d like to touch on before we look at the ZTR mowers.

Toro White Glove Delivery – Buying Toro riding mowers online.

 If it’s small enough to ship UPS – it will come right to your door.

If it’s larger than that typically the Home Depot order goes to a dealer in your area and they unpack it, set it up and deliver it to you. Yes, Toro pays that dealer to do this.

Toro’s white glove delivery service – Item usually delivers within 7-10 business days. Your Toro product will arrive set-up and ready to go providing you with peace of mind, our goal is your satisfaction, upon purchase, a certified Toro dealer will set-up the product and perform a multi-point inspection, arrange a time for delivery at your home, deliver the mower in person and review safety and operational information with you.

Besides the biggest advancement in ZTR ride quality Toro has also introduced two other product/product lines you should be aware of. The Toro PowerPlex handheld products and the Recycler® PoweReverse® Personal Pace® walk-behind mower with SmartStow


Timecutter SS Series. A great mower for your suburban lawn.

Note: Riding mowers do not use model years. A Model Number 74711 made in 2016 is the same as one built in 2018. Model numbers won’t change unless the mower/engine changes.

The 42 and 50-inch Timecutter SS models are some of the most durable residential ZTRs for your normal suburban lawn. One of the best features I like is the Smart Speed. Smart Speed gives the ZTR “three” gears. One for normal mowing, a slower speed for trimming and another slower speed for pulling yard carts, etc.  The trimming speed makes it a lot easier to control the ZTR and you don’t tear up the turf around your landscaping as much.  The towing speed helps to prevent the transmissions from overheating and will make them last much longer.

All models come standard with an automatic parking brake.

For my one-acre lawn, either the 42 or 50-inch model is a perfect size.

Click on the model number to see more and buy at The Home Depot.  Models without a link can be ordered from your local Toro Dealer

Model # Style Seat Deck Size Deck Type Steering Engine HP/cc Trannys
74710 TimeCutter SS3225 18 “ 32 Stamped Lap Bar 452cc ZT2100
74711 TimeCutter SS4200 18 “ 42 Stamped Lap Bar 452cc ZT2100
74726 TimeCutter SS4225 18 “ 42 Stamped Lap Bar 22.5/708cc ZT2100
74731 TimeCutter SS5000 18 “ Prem 50 Stamped Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2200
74780 TimeCutter SW3200 18 “ 32 Stamped Steering Wheel 452cc ZT2100
74788 TimeCutter SW4200 18 “ 42 Stamped Steering Wheel 24.5/708cc ZT2100
74784 TimeCutter SW4200 18 “ 42 Stamped Steering Wheel 24.5/708cc ZT2100
74790 TimeCutter SW5000 18 “ Prem 50 Stamped Steering Wheel 24.5/708cc ZT2200

Timecutter MX. Stronger and worth the extra money.

If you need a tougher deck, the Timecutter MX series adds a 10 gauge fabricated deck. It cuts very well and will take all the beatings a rough farm or acreage lawn can dish out. All models come standard with a spring under seat suspension and automatic parking brake. The Model 74768 has the MyRide suspension system.

I personally own the ExMark 42-inch fabricated deck steering wheel version and I’m very happy with the ZTR – especially the side-discharge and mulching.

Click on the model number to see more and buy at The Home Depot.  Models without a link can be ordered from your local Toro Dealer

Model # Style Seat Deck Size Deck Type Steering Engine HP/cc Trannys
74750 TimeCutter MX3450 18 “ 34 Fab Lap Bar 452cc ZT2200
74766 TimeCutter MX4200 18 “ 42 Fab Lap Bar 22.5/708cc ZT2100
74760 TimeCutter MX4250 18 “ Prem 42 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2200
74775 TimeCutter MX5000 18 “ Prem 50 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2200
74776 TimeCutter MX5025 18 “ Prem 50 Fab Lap Bar 23 HP Kaw ZT2200
74778 TimeCutter MX5075 MyRide 50 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2200
74771 TimeCutter MX5050 18 “ 50 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2800
74777 TimeCutter MX6050 18 “ 60 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT2800
74795 TimeCutter SWX5000 18 “ Prem 50 Fab Steering Wheel 24.5/708cc ZT2200
74797 TimeCutter SWX5050 18 “ Prem 50 Fab Steering Wheel 24.5/708cc ZT2800

Timecutter HD. Will handle all the abuse farm lawns and acreages can throw at it.

As soon as you get on the TimeCutter HD you’ll feel like you are mowing with a commercial mower! These ZTR’s are big, tough and extremely dependable. They are exactly what you need if you have slopes, a rough lawn, a larger lawn or just want a ZTR that will last years and years. The cut quality compares to the commercial mowers. There is an option jack and jack mount kit that will make changing blades and clean the deck a very easy task.

Click on the model number to see more and buy at The Home Depot.  Models without a link can be ordered from your local Toro Dealer

Model # Style Seat Deck Size Deck Type Steering Engine HP/cc Trannys
75201 TimeCutter HD 48 18 “ Prem 48 Fab Lap Bar 22.5/708cc ZT3100
75202 TimeCutter HD 54 18 “ Prem 54 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
75211 TimeCutter HD 48 MyRide 48 Fab Lap Bar 22.5/708cc ZT3100
75212 TimeCutter HD 54 MyRide 54 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
75213 TimeCutter HD 60 MyRide 60 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100

Intermission: Another great companion product for your new ZTR. Toro PowerPlex handheld 40V Max* lithium ion products

 Last summer I purchased and tested cordless lithium ion string trimmers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws from 6 different brands.  After using all of them extensively the Toro PowerPlex® 40V Max* Lithium Ion tools ended up my favorite cordless homeowner yard tools.

For most homeowners, the 14-inch brushless DC string trimmer is the best choice. It’s a .80 diameter dual line that is lighter and slightly shorter than all the other trimmers I tested. Anyone can use this trimmer for 30-45 minutes and not feel worn out. You won’t need a carry strap when using it. It has plenty of power and is built very well. It even folds in half so you can transport it to Grandma’s in the trunk of your car. In my opinion, the Toro PowerPlex 51482 can easily replace your gas-powered trimmer for all trimming tasks around your suburban home.

Amazon is the best choice to buy the Toro PowerPlex: You really only need one battery. Buy one tool with the battery and then you can purchase the other tools cheaply without. (bare tool)

  1. Toro PowerPlex 51482 Brushless 40V Lithium-Ion 14″ dual line Cordless String Trimmer
  2. Toro PowerPlex 51690 Brushless 40V MAX 480 CFM 150 MPH Cordless Blower
  3. Toro PowerPlex 51491T 40V MAX Lithium Ion 24″ Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  4. Toro PowerPlex 51880 Brushless 40V MAX Lithium Ion 14″ Cordless Chainsaw
  5. Toro PowerPlex 51481 40V MAX Lithium Ion 13″ single line Cordless String Trimmer/Edger
  6. If you don’t like to wind your own spools Toro also offers pre-wound for both the 13 and 14″ string trimmers. 

Note: Of the six trimmers tested the Toro PowerPlex was my favorite, the Stihl AP Series is by far the best, (and most expensive) and the EGO has great brand recognition but is over-priced for what you get.  I also tested the DeWalt 20 volt, DeWalt 60 volt, Ryobi Brushless and Troy-Bilt brushless. The DeWalt, Milwaukee and Ryobi are good choices if you have their cordless hand tools. The Troy-Bilt I tested had an issue with how the battery was mounted. I can’t recommend it. 

Titan HD. As tough as most commercial ZTRs.

The Titan is listed as a high end residential but in reality, it is also a good entry level commercial ZTR. It’s made to last and you can easily mow 10 acres or more every week with one and it will last you many, many years. Click on the model number to see more and buy at The Home Depot.  Models without a link can be ordered from your local Toro Dealer

Model # Style Seat Deck Size Deck Type Steering Engine HP/cc Trannys
74470 Titan HD Suspension 48 Fab Lap Bar 20.5 HP Kaw ZT3400
74471 Titan HD Suspension 52 Fab Lap Bar 22 HP Kaw ZT3400
74472 Titan HD Suspension 60 Fab Lap Bar 23.5 HP Kaw ZT3400
74460 Titan HD Suspension 48 Fab Lap Bar 21/725cc Kohler ZT3400
74461 Titan HD Suspension 52 Fab Lap Bar 23/747cc Kohler ZT3400
74462 Titan HD Suspension 60 Fab Lap Bar 25/747cc Kohler ZT3400
74463 RD Titan HD Suspension 60 Fab Lap Bar 25/747cc Kohler ZT3400
74465 Titan HD MyRide 48 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
74466 Titan HD MyRide 52 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
74467 Titan HD MyRide 60 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
74450 Titan HD Suspension 48 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
74451 Titan HD Suspension 52 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100
74452 Titan HD Suspension 60 Fab Lap Bar 24.5/708cc ZT3100

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Paul, if 4 owners in a subdivision would go together and buy a Toro Timecutter HD model 75211, how long should it last them? It would mow 2-3 acres a week. It would be stored in a shed when not in use. The yards are fairly flat with gentle slopes in just parts of the yards. Thanks.


Hi Paul, I have read many of your articles and i appreciate all of your experience and wisdom. Im currently looking to buy a new mower and i struggle to find much information about the quality of the cut grass, lots about product quality, features etc. I currently have a john deere 540 and plan to move it to my cabin in Wisconsin to mow and suck up leaves into my leaf vac. While its been a good workhorse i have never felt it really cuts all that well and im always amazed at the neighbors yard after the lawn… Read more »


Is the mx5075 capable of the faster mowing speeds or do you still need to keep it at the shower speeds like the more entry level models?

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