Swisher is Back! 2013 Response ZTR2460BS, 24 HP, 60 inch Zero Turn Rider Review

Swisher has been around forever. Over 60 years to be exact. If you are over 50, your dad most likely had a Swisher Big Mow that you used  to mow your suburban yard when you were a kid.

by: Paul Sikkema

Today they are well-known for their pull-behind mowers.  You see them at every farm and garden store that sells mowers. But did you know they still make zero-turns? They make some of the toughest zero-turns on the market for the price. Their zero-turns are designed for home-owners who have large lawns that are not always smooth and easy to mow . They are heavy-duty machine designed for years of  mowing your 5 acres or more.

Swisher’s latest mower, The Swisher Response is a high quality mower with a unique steering system.  Instead of lap-bars the come over the top of your legs, the Response uses short posts on either side of you with comfortable grips like you would find on a ski-pole.

Swisher Response

Comfortable Control Handles

Swisher Response

More comfortable than lap bars!

I want to show you one model. The Swisher 60″ 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower Model ZTR2460BS. I have not demo’d one yet, but I’ll find one latter this year and finish this review. This is a heavy-duty mower at a reasonable price.

You can read more and purchase it here:

Swisher ZTR2460BS Self-Propelled 60″ 24HP Zero Turn Mower ZTR2460BS

If you are like me using most zero-turns leaves me with aching shoulders after a few hours. When holding the lap bars I have no support for my arms and the bouncing around, turning and keeping my hands up off my lap all takes it’s toll.  The control handles on the Response are placed down along the side of your thighs so you can rest your arms on the arm rests.

The Response is a very low-center-of-gravity mower.  It is also fairly heavy so I know it will mow slopes better than the residential zero-turns.  It should be able to mow most road ditches. Being low to the ground it won’t throw you around when you make quick turns.

Swisher Response Deck

side roller

This is a well-made machine and provides a manicured, professional-looking lawn in less time at an affordable price.

Swisher added many little features that you don’t find on a residential zero-turn.  The roller on the left side of the deck keeps you from scratching the deck and the side of the building you are mowing against. It keeps you from snagging that chain-link fence. Front and rear hitches can be used to tie the mower down for transport and the front hitch is really handy for those of you who can’t master backing up a yard cart. Gator blades finish out the extra features. Gator blades chop your clippings into a fine mulch.

This mower includes all the features you need:

  • 24 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 60″ 11-gauge fabricated cutting deck
  • Gator mulching blades
  • Commercial grade, heavy duty, welded steel frame,
  • Hydro Gear 2800 transmissions and
  • Ogura electric clutch.
  • Foot assisted deck lift
  • Full engine wrap, composite fenders with integrated storage, battery compartment and cup holder
  • Hour meter,
  • 12V adaptor
  • Front & rear hitch.
  • ROPS standard.
  • 8 gallon fuel capacity.
  • 8 MPH forward and reverse.
  • Not for sale in California.
  • Made in the USA.

You can read more and purchase it here:

Swisher ZTR2460BS Self-Propelled 60″ 24HP Zero Turn Mower ZTR2460BS


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